“Practice telling the truth faster to yourself and others, using your solar plexus as a guide.
. . . challenges are an intrinsic part of feeling nourished.” - SARK
Sessions are specifically designed to meet individual needs.  A single session often incorporates various deep tissue and relaxation techniques.  
Celeste integrates a complete somatic approach. Therefore, even when focusing on a “problem” area, she also addresses the full body.
Rates (credit cards accepted!)
Office Rates:
60 min.................... $100
75 min.....................$120
90 min.....................$140
Outcall Rates:
60 min.....................$160
90 min.....................$210
60 minute sessions typically include head, neck, back, arms, legs, feet & hands.
75 minute sessions reserve more time to include face and/or abdominal massage.
90 minute sessions are recommended for treating chronic or specific issues while indulging in the benefits of a full body massage.*
*These are examples, as each session is unique.
**Inquire about package sessions.  
Simpatico Pilates & Gyrotonic
1235 Coast Village Road, Ste. I
Enjoy your massage after a workout!  
Outcall- SomaCeleste travels to your home.  
(Travel fee may apply)
Certified Massage Modalities
   • Barefoot Basics
    • Craniosacral
    • Ethics for bodyworkers
    • Hot Stone
    • Introductory Medical Qigong
    • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
    • Myofascial Release
    • Prenatal massage
    • Reflexology
    • Swedish massage
    • Trigger Point Therapy
    • Visceral Lymphatic Drainage (Chi Nei Tsang)
Related Somatic Experience
    • Dance (professional level classes & performance companies)
    • Doula (ACBE trained)
    • Dynamic Embodiment (Somatic Movement Therapy Training)
    • GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® (private trainer)
    • Moving For Life Moving On Aerobics (teacher certification in progress)
    • Pilates (teacher training)
Glossary of Definitions
Barefoot/Compressive Deep Tissue—A full body protocol for deeply working  the major muscle groups using the therapist’s feet.  Barefoot is especially effective for physically active people, athletes, and bodies that require sufficient force to effectively release core muscle tension.
Cranial Sacral Therapy-- A non-invasive protocol  providing relief from core issues as well as superficial symptoms of pain and malaise.  This therapy balances the cranial wave of cerebrospinal fluid.
Doula—A labor companion who provides emotional and physical support for a woman throughout the entire birthing process (ranging from prenatal doctor visits, to labor and delivery support, to postpartum support.)
Fascia- The casing  of connective tissue around a muscle.  Connective tissue literally connects and supports.  It forms the structure of the body.  Muscle tissue is enfolded within the fascia; the combination is called Myofascia.
Myofascial Release—Deep tissue work to release constricted muscle tissue. Creates more efficient and comfortable movements.
Pregnancy (Prenatal) Massage—A soothing and therapeutic oil massage.  Addresses the anatomical and physiological changes that occur during pregnancy and releases musculoskeletal strain.
Reflexology- A protocol for stress relief.  Working proprioceptive points on the feet to regulate the nervous system.  Good for enhancing blood flow, lymph flow, enhancing digestive and organ/glandular functions
Soma- A synonym for body.
Somatic- The feeling or sensation of an experience, occurring within the body.
Swedish Massage--   A relaxing and rejuvenating oil massage that is particularly useful for enhancing circulation.
Trigger Point Therapy-  Most chronic pain is caused by trigger points.  These tender points, when pressed with sufficient pressure, will alleviate your pain.  They often include the following symptoms: headache, frozen shoulder, neck and jaw pain, tennis elbow, carpel tunnel syndrome and assorted myofascial pain syndromes.
Qigong- Qi (pronounced “chee”) is the Chinese term for life force or energy.  Gong  (pronounced “kung” ) means work applied to a discipline. Qi gong literally means the cultivation of energy.  
Medical Qigong- Medical Qigong  helps the body correct physical and energetic imbalances through specific exercises which strengthen and regulate the internal organs, nervous system and immune system. It relieves pain, regulates hormones and releases deep seated emotions
Visceral Lymphatic Drainage (Chi Nei Tsang) –Detoxifies vital organs, releases congestion in the fascia and lymph nodes surrounding vital organs. Helps strong emotional release, reduce pain from adhesions, and stimulates bowel function. Chi Nei Tsang is a Taoist approach to abdominal work.
Cancellation Policy
24 hour cancellation policy required.  Voicemail, email & text messaging are acceptable forms of cancellation. Missed appointments without proper notice are billed for 100% of the scheduled service.
Somatic Bodywork: Massage, Movement & GYROTONIC® Method • Santa Barbara, California • (805) 453-5672 •  www.SomaCeleste.com    
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