“I want music and poetry in my body.  I want to be skillful without struggle.”
-Juliu Horvath, (founder of the gyrotonic method)

The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is a holistic approach to movement, designed for people of all ages and abilities.  
Using supported spinal motions, articulations, and correlating breath work, a common focus is increased flexibility and mobility of the spine.

The GYROTONIC® method is found in exercise and rehabilitation facilities, used worldwide by dancers, athletes and people from all walks of life.

Your Personalized Experience
Private sessions- One-on-one, personalized training.  Specifically designed and tailored to meet your goals, expectations and needs.

Rates** (credit cards accepted!)

Private, 1 hour.........................$100
5 Private Series.......................$400
10 Private Series.....................$750
*SomaCeleste donates a % of series proceeds to local and global charities.
**If booking through a studio, rates may vary by location

All 3 series good for 4 weeks, 5 series good for 8 weeks, 10 series good for 12 weeks.  Please keep this in mind, if you are anticipating missing regularly scheduled sessions (planned vacations, etc.)

Contact Celeste directly, to book your session. 
(805) 453-5672.

Simpatico Pilates & GYROTONIC®
1235 Coast Village Road, Ste. 1 Montecito, CA 93108
(Montecito’s premier, world class studio is conveniently  located in the heart of the lower village.)

About the GYROTONIC® Method
Gyrotonic movement principles are independent of separate modalities, yet offer benefits commonly found in:
    • Tai Chi
    • Swimming
    • Yoga
    • Ballet
    • Gymnastics
    • Qi Gong

Benefits Include:
    • stretches & strengthens musculature
    • improves posture
    • releases tension in the body
    • increases range of motion
    • increases flexibility & strength
    • develops body strength
    • develops body alignment awareness
    • develops coordination
    • enhances balance & stability
    • articulates the spine
    • puts no stress on joints
    • creates balanced support system for the skeleton
    • improves circulation
    • reconditions the nervous system
    • revitalizes flow of energy by developing breath-movement coordination
    • prevents injuries
    • rehabilitates


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