“The body says what words cannot.”
-Martha Graham
Somatic Movement Education Therapy: 
	•	engages and addresses the whole person in a holistic approach
	•	enhances sensory motor skills through brain based learning
Private Sessions
Through observation & support, options are individually designed to enhance somatic awareness, through an experiential learning process.  Props, such as balls or pillows, may sometimes be used to help facilitate embodiment.
• Sessions typically include a combination of hands-on guidance with playful games and exercises.
Rehab- Utilizes methods of neuro-developmental re-patterning.  Integrates movement tools to help emotional stabilization and support kinesthetic connections.  Fosters aid in recovery from injury, trauma & disabilities.
Performance (actors, dancers)- Enhance stage presence.  Gain technical mastery of choreography and character development.  Discover and utilize tools to develop deeper expression, grounding, integrity and communication.
* Recommended for all ages.  Celeste is experienced in working with infants and toddlers to young and elderly adults.
** No experience necessary- you do not need to be an experienced “mover” to benefit from this work.
*** Please wear comfortable clothing you can move in (such as yoga or gym clothes.)
Rates**(credit cards accepted!)
1 hour.........................$120
**sliding scale available.
            Benefits of a DE-SMT™ “Hands-On” Approach
   •	helps regulate a person's response to stimuli
	•	helps monitor proprioceptive (internal body) feedback
	•	can facilitate movement possibilities that open new neuro-pathways
	•	can help reduce levels of Cortisol (the "stress" hormone)
	•	helps develop motor, developmental & perceptual integration

DE™ Somatic Movement Therapy Helps Foster:
	•	greater self-awareness
	•	greater ability to focus
	•	sensory & motor-skill integration
	•	improved coordination
	•	neuromuscular re-education
	•	memory enhancement
	•	dynamic social skills

Dynamic Embodiment™ is a modality of Somatic Movement Education Therapy.  Richly derived from somatic principles of Laban/Bartenieff and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen’s Body-Mind Centering, DE™ was developed by Dr. Martha Hart Eddy.
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