What Clients Are Saying . . .

"I love it! I came to Gyro because I was bored with Pilates and wanted to try something new. . . . What I love about working with Celeste is the fact that she is supportive and encouraging.  I think my overall feelings about my self image are more positive than ever (considering I am an octegenarian). And of course, she smiles all the time!" 
--Jesse Alexander, photographer
"For me, Gyro is music in motion.  I've been involved in both ballet and modern dance, and have done Pilates for years; and I had been looking for a body movement discipline that had more range of motion and fluidity--while still concentrating on strengthening and centering.  Working with Celeste is enjoyable as she is an excellent and supportive teacher: patient and encouraging.  I especially appreciate her ability to give me cues that target and refine the movements so that I ‘get’ it.   After our sessions, I feel both relaxed and energized, ready to sit down and practice!"
      - Marilyn, pianist/artist
“Celeste is truly a Master of Massage. Her skills & knowledge of techniques are amazing.”
        - Terry, teacher
“As a modern dancer and yoga student who has tried a lot of training modalities, I didn't expect to be awakened much further when I tried Gyrotonic - but the gentle, rhythmic spirals she coached me through helped awaken new awareness. She coached me with total confidence, guiding me to a full experience of spiraling energies in my spine and hips. When I left, I felt taller and more centered around my core. Bringing that to dance has helped my balance and spatial awareness.
Celeste is great at sharing her knowledge while putting clients at ease. She offers a fun combination of gentle support, a spirit of fun, and extensive knowledge. I recommend her highly as both a Gyrotonic instructor and massage therapist!”
     - Melissa B., dancer/yogi/mother
“Celeste is very helpful and encouraging.  She pushes me to do things I wouldn’t normally be able to do.  Her somatic work on the floor has helped me dramatically. . . my body awareness is very improved.”  
    - Maggie T.
“Always smiling, always caring, always a great massage that always makes me feel better.”
         - Mark, engineer
"Celeste is professional yet warm and personable. She comes to my house for outcall appointments, and I always feel comfortable with her presence in my home. Her communication style is gentle but direct and she is flexible about trying different approaches or positions to find what works best for me during a massage. Often the combination of physical touch and emotions evoked bring me to tears, and she is compassionate and supportive at these times, as she is always."
    - Justine, writer/grants development coordinator
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