“In our life there is a single color, as on an artist’s palette, which provides the meaning of life and art.  It is the color of love.”
-Marc Chagall
Inspired by the natural movements of animals in their native habitats, Celeste develops creative learning tools, by referencing examples from the animal kingdom, in her bodywork practicum. 

The “Zoodio” is our zoological movement studio.  It is a place of embodiment and exploration, home to real and imaginary animals, alike. 
Somatic Zoodio Imaginarium
Visit our zoo of imaginary creatures, who playfully exist as pinnacle creative educators of embodied health.
Your Body. Your Mind. Your Health.
There are other creatures who live in the Zoodio, too.  These characters embody emotions (e.g: Joy, Fear, Anxiety) and their correlating body connections.  
Through fairytale like stories, they explore the scientific physiology and kinesiology of body sensations and personal patterns.  Dragons and beanstalks weave together with glandular, visceral and neuromuscular associations, exemplifying the connections between body and mind, helping us understand why we do what we do, how to break “bad” habits, and teaching us new techniques to grow and embody healthy, happy lives.
“Mama Shazama”
“Nerfy & Legifar”
“Lywhumpimi & Lywhumpimus”
“The Artist, Philosopher & Mathemetician”
“Ceesee the Unicorn”
“The Phoenix & the Frying Pan”
“The P.F.T’s”
“Dun, Dun, Dun...”
“The Skelemaids Heart & Gut Series”
. . . stay tuned for their stories.  Along with The Magical Burrito and more!
SomaCeleste Style:
Animal imagery is often used during movement exercises in private sessions and group classes, to strengthen & embody:
• Head/Tail Connections
• Naval Radiation (core strength)
• Mobility & Stability
• Exertion & Recuperation
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